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Set of Alentejo flavours in a handmade traditional bag

Traditional patchwork bag- handmade and lined inside: 36cmx29cm, approximately.

Olive dish – handmade and hand painted – pottery from S.Pedro do Corval-Alentejo.

Acorn Flour, Terrius-200gr-see technical sheet in the description.

Tomato Jam, Terrius-200gr-see technical sheet in the description

The pattern of the bag, as well as the color of the olive dish, are subject to the stock available in the store, a matter that comes from the fact that the products are handmade and, therefore, with many variations. For a more personalized choice, please contact us at the time of your order.

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Handmade traditional bag


Handmade and hand painted olive dish


Tomato jam-200gr

Tomato, sugar, spices

Shelf life: 7/24


Producer: Terrius

Provenance: Marvão-Alentejo-Portugal

Once opened, store in the fridge for 10 days.


Acorn Flour-200gr

100% holm oak acorn flour, peeled and ground

Lot: 140723

Shelf life: 7/24

Producer: Terrius

Provenance: Marvão-Alentejo-Portugal

No added sugar and gluten-free.

Store in a cool dry place.

Use: soups, bread, cakes, creams, desserts…


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