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Since 1983


We publicize the National Craftsmanship that survives the times and accompanies us from generation to generation

Author Pieces

Very creative and personalized pieces, using traditional materials but with a very current design

100% Portuguese

We focus on environmentally friendly products, sustainable, natural e 100% Portuguese


Inspirations for home decoration and ideas for interiors and exteriors, from the traditional, to contemporary and unique
From Alentejo to the world!

We consider Handicraft to be a work of tradition and humility, with its own materials and resources, vibrant colors, loaded with emotions and unique experiences that result in authentic, exclusive pieces full of personality.

We believe that objects reveal details about our culture, secrets of the history and traditions of our people. They create remembrances, memories that allow us comfort and show us the importance of having roots.

We intend that this memories and remembrances prevail over time.

We believe in our artisans, and their magnificent work!

Author Pieces


Creative, personalized pieces with a very current and contemporary design. The Author Pieces we have are simply irresistible.

We present quality, innovation, tradition, design and diversity. With our project we guarantee the survival of an art expression of our people, so original and authentic that it fully represents the culture of our country.

From Alentejo to the world!
We are committed on promoting these products among us and with those who take our art to the rest of the World!

We want to continue to be a reference in the Craft market in Évora and take this message to the rest of the world!